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Who stops wanting to become better stops being good.
                Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 - 1916), authoress

Innovations often occur at boundaries of disciplines. Hence multi-technology approaches are becoming increasingly important.
Thuringia, in particular Jena, is known for its strength in the optical technologies. To combine this strength in optics with research and development on microsystems technology in Ilmenau and Erfurt, is the philosophy for co-operation of universities, research institutions and companies in the so called "Kompetenzdreieck Optische Mikrosysteme" (KD OptiMi).

Aim of OptiMi is a consistent networking of research at universities and research institutes in the field of optical microsystem technology involving partners from the industrie in the technology triangle Erfurt, Ilmenau, Jena, and the optimization of the entire innovation process. Together, new micro-optical systems are being developed that combine in a unique way desired mechanical, optical, fluidic and electronic functionality. Applications can be found in the areas of production / engineering, life sciences and environment.

As a prerequisite for long term success of the regional economy, two essential criteria must be met: efficient, overlapping research in location nearby and winning professionals for growth in the changing demography.

The strategy of OptiMi interlaces research, education and transfer with the following key objectives:

OptiMi is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and is supported by Freistaat Thuringia.