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Students in Jena


The development of interdisciplinary training and qualification programs for optical microsystem technology and internationalization of these programs is an essential element in the strategic concept of OptiMi.

The Thuringian ProExzellenz Program funded Graduate School OMiTec (Optical Microsystem Technology) and acted mainly nationally and technology- oriented. In the 2nd funding phase the emphasis was lain on more internationality and application-oriententation. Strategic cooperation agreements with market-oriented international microtechnology centers such as the University of Toronto and the CREOL - Orlando constituted a co-tutorial PhD program and the international scholarship program "Green Photonics" has been established. This consisted of 14 PhD scholarships, also funded by the State of Thuringia.

Green Photonics and Optical Microsystem Technology OMITEC

"Research School at the border between the technical disciplines physics and engineering"

Together, the two universities TU Ilmenau and FSU Jena established the Graduate Research Schools OMiTec and Green Photonics. It is funded under the Thuringian program "ProExzellenz". From this, two assistant professorships, tutor jobs, employees in administration, guest scientists, scholarships, grants and equipment could be financed. Through that Research Schools, internationally top-class scientists are brought to the Thuringian universities with the aim, to change after their graduation into the regional economy.

Training program:

• the focus of postgraduate training is on independent research work in highly motivated teams of scientists
• the qualification concept is based on interdisciplinary, intensive introduction and advanced training; graduate work phase includes in industrial environment
• interdisciplinary education with involvement of highly qualified physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers, computer scientists and chemists
• internationality: English is the primary language of communication, using spanning research world-wide networks
• structured lectures offered: postgraduate Seminars, summer schools and lecture courses with multidisciplinary content.

In Ilmenau the Graduate Research Schools are integrated into the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; in Jena into the Abbe School of Photonics that contain a combined distinguished M.Sc. program and a wide-ranging PhD program in Optics & Photonics.