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Light as Solution - Embedded optical Systems as multifunctional Tools 


The mankind is facing many new challenges in the future fields of energy, health and the environment. Photonics as a key technology of the 21st century. Embedded systems - which combine the light sources, sensors, actuators and electronics into an integrated design. Multi-functional optical microsystems are an important basis for the future efficient and sustainable use of light as an information and energy carrier. Technological basis of this trend are integrated optical microsystems.
Next-generation optical microsystems emphases from the perspective of the optical and opto-electronics industry are:

• integrated system design including optics, mechanics, fluidics and electronics by micro system technology,
• assembly and joining technology for hybrid optical microsystems of full functionality.

OptiMi focused its research on multi-functional optical microsystems in a framework of joint projects prototypes as the fundament for the use of:

• Light for CO2-neutral energy conversion,
• Light to reduce energy consumption,
• Light for the reduction of greenhouse gases,
• Light to save the environment,
• Light to maintain health.

In a first grant phase the partners have developed platform technologies, which give a wide range of possible applications in the above mentioned markets. Based on these platform technologies, the scientists demonstrated their applicability by several demontrators in a second phase.