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Green Manufacturing - Laser Material Processing


Active optical microsystems offer many ways for optimizing precision systems in the field of production technology, because they are small and due to large numbers of similar items, economically and energy-efficient. This kind of microsystems technology is especially efficient if several small systems operate in a network. This allows high accuracies, which can be realized otherwise only by an expensive, relatively large macrosystem. Exemplarily, two micro-optical systems are being developed for precision machining in the project: a multi-tracker system for a tool-position controlling and correction and a deformable mirror for the optimal beam shaping of a laser. The linking of both systems results in completely new application opportunities: while so far the mirror can compensate predominantly thermally induced errors, now additionally movements and deformation of the workpiece can now also be compensated.

The video shows the multi-laser tracker system, developed at the IMN MacroNano / TU Ilmenau. With a Galvanoscanner several laser beams are directed toward a retroreflector. This retroreflector is followed by a regulation. Starting from the time of capturing the point in space is calculated over a multiple interferometric measurement. The system is highly dynamic and by the multi-sensor approach potentially accomplished to perform a self-calibrationbeginning or to calculate several points in space and thus their orientation to each other. The miniaturization of the system is in progress.

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