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Micro-optical Accommodation System

With increasing age, men lose their accommodation ability, which means the ability of a sharply reproduction on the retina of objects in different distances and sizes by lens forming. By increasing hardening of the lens no more accommodation ability is available, generally starting from the age of 50 years.

While the declining accommodation ability can be compensated by visual aids, removing of the lens and implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL) are necessary by a lens opacity (cataract). Approx. 7 millions IOL are implanted per year world-wide. Since these replacement lens is however rigid, likewise after the operation no lens is not able to accommodate. Although it is possible to implant multifocal intraocular lenses, which can replace accommodation partially, however this goes along by loosing contrast vision.

The new approach is a smart microsystem that is implanted - instead of an intraocular lens- in the capsular bag of the eye, where itself-sufficient, depending on accommodation needs  should adjust the refractive power of an integrated active optical element. In this context of the joint project, the components for recording the accommodation demand and refractive power changes, but also for housing have to develop for use in this intelligent implant to restore the accommodative capacity.

The change of refraction is done by shifting the movable lens of a three-lens system (triple optics), whereby the twofixedlensesareintegrated into the glass envelop of the implant. For recording of the accommodation demand the close range reflex of the pupilisfirstexamined by medical studies, developed a technical solution and implemented as a functional model. The use of glass as a housing material provides both - the advantage that optical elements can implemented directly, and the per se biocompatibility of thematerial. For the design of optical freeform surfaces and the housing cavities suitable glass structure procedures are developed.

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