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Multifunctional Si Detectors

Detectors and/or complex opto-sensors are important key components of optical microsystems that help determine the functionality of the overall system through their characteristics in connection with an effective access to electronic signal preprocessing (SVV). The project has been focused thematically to two research areas:

• The integration of interlayer connection ("through silicone vias "- TSV) into the technology of Si detectors and/or Si-opto-sensors as a condition for hybrid 3D assembly technologies Si- detectors /Si-opto-sensors on SVV CMOS IC's and

• Functionality extension of Si detectors on one hand by technological integration of nano-optical structures and on the other hand by an increasing sensitivity of Si-detectors by realization of new concepts for Si-photomultipliers.

In the context of the project the technology of the TSV for opto-sensors and a library for SVV-switch components for Si-detectors/Si-opto-sensors are developed. The SVV switch components are realized in the context of the platform project as CMOS IC's. In parallel, an assembly and interconnection technique for hybrid 3D-opto-Sensors will be developed. As a result of these research projects prototypes of compact Si-detectors/Si-opto-sensors will be created, whose characteristics will also be the subject of research.

The work in the project is technologically oriented. Thus, the research becomes within the key projects (which is conceptually system-oriented and is based on existing technologies) regarding the technology requirements centralized and thereby optimized. The project team was in close contact with the teams of all key projects, in order to be able to react prompt to all requirements. Specific topics are:

• Development of a pupil diameter sensor, based on research results of the University Hospital Tuebingen, Department of Ophthalmology, within the project "Micro-optical accommodation system ".

• Development of a Si-detector system for a micro-interferometer in close co-operation with the Technical University Ilmenau within the project "Green Manufacturing ".

• Development of a compact turbidity sensor and a fluorescence sensor for microfluidic applications in co-operation with the Technical University Ilmenau within the project "Optoflutronics ".

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